The president :

Fatma Boulaajil, a young Frenchwoman of Moroccan origin, had at heart, to create with this knowledge who became her friends, to create the association ADIES.

Researcher in Geopolitics, she started with a master's in human geography at the Ibno Zohr University of Agadir in Morocco, where she was able to put her skills into practice in the field of drinking water and electricity infrastructures. (particularly in terms of distribution).

Subsequently, in collaboration with Nancy II University and Ibno Zohr, she was selected from eight students for a geomorphological and spatial study in Morocco. From her experiences, she continued these approaches with studies in anthropization (impact of man on the landscape) by working on analyzes of satellite maps and aerial photos.

By completing her thesis on the geopolitical evolution of air transport in France within the framework of the European Union , she decides “to help others, as a normal principle in this world in crisis. "

From there, she founded this association to mobilize her knowledge in the field, relationships and partners, in favor of disadvantaged populations.

"Our projects will be to exploit the existing resources and to redistribute in an equitable and adequate way with necessary installations, energies.

Working on these bases, we wish to export on the African continent, our know-how.

Our needs are, to concretize our action and financial plans at first but also material, or good will. "

The Vice-President:

 Barthélémy Pernot, water treatment engineer with thirty years of experience within the VINCI Environment and VEOLIA-Eau group, joined Fatma Boulaajil, in the ADIES association He will supervise with his skills in the logistics, equipment and know-how, with our partners, the association's projects in the field.

"Climate change obliges human beings to evolve in a different way and to modify their consumption behavior in order to reduce its impact on the planet.

In the poorest countries, people try to survive thirst, hunger and disease, this is the reason why, the priority of the association ADIES, strong of its network, its skills, its ambitions, will bring the necessary help to their evolution, and their autonomy in water, energy, education and health. "

Natural disasters, lack of clean water and insufficient energy prevent people from living in conditions conducive to development, education and health.

Existing resources can be redistributed adequately by providing the necessary facilities. The A.D.I.E.S association and its main partners wish to set up a program of concrete, tangible and lasting actions. The autonomy of these villages will be the culmination of our actions, keeping in mind the solidarity, respect and human exchange that will ensue.

It is the vice president who offered A.D.I.E.S the broadcasting rights for our VIDEO ... we remember that moment

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