Because We can act for others.

The future of our planet is played out in all urban and rural areas.

Development, energy and health: Our Objectives.

Our young association created in 2016, member of associations like LORSUD, of the Multicolor network, of Solidarité Laïque and of the Ligue de l'Enseignement, wants to allow African villages, in great precariousness , to have a vital minimum:

  • Drinking water for hygiene and health,
  • Access to energy consisting mainly of solar panels,
  • Access to culture and education.


Development, energy and health: Together.

The ADIES association begins these solidarity initiatives in the territories of Morocco and Congo at first. Indeed, the president Fatma Boulaajil, French of Moroccan origin, from her experiences and her relationships, wishes to undertake with her partners, projects in these two countries.

“Our approach is to help the whole of Africa, but we want to carry out concrete projects without scattering ourselves in promises that we cannot keep. We remain, feet on the ground , starting with our partners, to extend our network and weave projects to the whole Africa ”explains the president.

Strengthened by our experiences in these fields and our relationships in these two countries, we wish to put our know-how at the service of the outcome of several solidarity projects and be useful for our neighbor.

Our commitments will be to bring, in consultation with our partners , such as:

  • Sidi El Ghazi Association ,
  • Association without borders (Kinshasa),
  • Henri Ngampo Makoko Foundation,
  • Messakine NGO,
  • the University Association for Rural Development ,
  • the Special Committee in charge of Moroccan Sahara in Europe ,
  • NancyCom & Concert,
  • Nancy Works,
  • SPA3Drone,
  • Serip France,

development aid projects meeting essential needs in the field, awareness-raising and support actions based on the values of solidarity, equity and integrity.

Here, in France, we would like to bring together people of all opinions, conditions and origins who wish to give concrete expression to solidarity by acting elsewhere, sustainably with its partners

Development, energy and health: Our Projects.

  • Because in Africa, water is a rare commodity, sometimes not very accessible or polluted, one of our primary missions is to finance the installation of mini factories for the treatment of unsanitary water and purification as well as the construction of wells; redo existing ones, restore them, make improvements.

  • Achieve a dispensary for pregnant women, dialysis centers, bring back equipment, materials for local health establishments, our projects are to facilitate access to care for the villages in most difficulty.

  • Access to education will be our third objective so that solidarity does not stop at the material but goes towards exchange and discovery .


Our concrete actions would be:

  • As a continuation of the construction of the Fask dam at Guelmim, the ADIES association wishes to position itself upstream and downstream in the villages of the nearby region , for the installation of the necessary infrastructures; such as storage, treatment and distribution of drinking water.

  • From this dam, in the plains of Guelmim, with the villages Afevkat, Asrir, Fask, Tiglit , ADIES would like to set up irrigation facilities . The ADIES association will work on a cartographic study of the Guelmim plain for a public market, and with the help of Serip France, will be responsible for dimensioning the water supply.

  • In partnership with several associations from Brazzaville and Kinshasa in the Congo, we are planning three action plans on water, health and electricity in the villages of Indo , Moukassi (Brazzaville), MbujiMayi, Mwene ditu, Ecuador (Kinshasa ) : drilling wells, installing electricity and building a school.

Development, energy and health: Our Actions.

Here :

  • Organization of events and demonstrations: with our partner NancyCom & Concert, we wish to realize concerts, conferences, documentary films,…, to allow us to concretize our projects.

LA-BAS: Partnerships and development aid projects meeting essential needs.

  • We are considering 3 missions (on average from the association per year). Trips for follow-up and a real exchange with local partners and associations.

The association gives itself the missions in these times of crisis which lead to intolerance, to keep a spirit of solidarity, with respect and sharing. Whatever the culture, our political or religious opinions, if we can help elsewhere ; so let's help.

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